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EPISODE 1: ARE WE GIVING JUSTICE TO SHARKS ? What comes to your mind when you think of sharks ? scary ? horrifying creatures ?  maniacs ?Probably this is what comes to your mind. Now think of dolphins, what do you get reminded of when you think of them ? Cheerful ? cute ? friendly ?   Now if I tell you that Dolphins kill around a dozen of people every year where as sharks kill around five every year. Pretty shocking right! Well, not for me. And as a revenge we humans kill around half a million dolphins and more than a hundred million sharks every year. Is it justified ?   Picture credits to the rightful owner But again it is not completely your fault that you think such way about them. After all you were portrayed   this image by the media. From cartoons to adult movies, sharks have always been shown as the bad guy or a maniac. This small use of these creatures for sheer use of entertainment have bought a big impact on their survival.   We need to spread awareness about this before w


SERIES COMING SOON JUSTICE FOR SHARKS ! A series of blogs that is gonna change the way you think about sharks and I, guarantee that ! Let's all together stand up for them and save them.. DAILY ONE EPISODE WILL BE UPLOADED STARTING FROM TODAY                                                                                                                                  Signing out                                                                                                              The Fins N Flukes

Giants of the Seas - The Mystery of the Sperm Whales

  Giants of the Seas - The Mystery of the Sperm Whales Giants of the Seas - The Mystery of the Sperm Whales is a documentary film or TV show that explores the world of sperm whales. It covers their behavior, anatomy, social structure, and communication methods, among other things. The film also looks into the mysterious and awe-inspiring nature of these giant creatures, known for their fantastic diving abilities and complex communication patterns. Long massacred by whaling ships, sperm whales were almost driven to extinction. Saved when whale hunting ceased in the 1980s, the largest predators on the planet had, until then, always been studied from the surface, allowing their life beneath the seas to remain a mystery. For the first time, a team of scientific divers has literally become immersed in the day-to-day life of a clan of cetaceans. Off the coast of Mauritius, over a period of 7 years, they shared the fascinating lives of the clan. They tried to unravel the mysteries of their co