Giants of the Seas - The Mystery of the Sperm Whales


Giants of the Seas - The Mystery of the Sperm Whales

Giants of the Seas - The Mystery of the Sperm Whales is a documentary film or TV show that explores the world of sperm whales. It covers their behavior, anatomy, social structure, and communication methods, among other things. The film also looks into the mysterious and awe-inspiring nature of these giant creatures, known for their fantastic diving abilities and complex communication patterns. Long massacred by whaling ships, sperm whales were almost driven to extinction. Saved when whale hunting ceased in the 1980s, the largest predators on the planet had, until then, always been studied from the surface, allowing their life beneath the seas to remain a mystery.

For the first time, a team of scientific divers has literally become immersed in the day-to-day life of a clan of cetaceans. Off the coast of Mauritius, over a period of 7 years, they shared the fascinating lives of the clan. They tried to unravel the mysteries of their communication using a specifically designed recording device.

Witnesses to moments of intimacy that had never before been seen, from the exchanges between a mother and her newborn to the relationship between the latter and its "nurse", they aimed to decipher the secrets of the whales' dialect and those of the complex relationships forged within this astonishing cohesive, matriarchal society.

The documentary focuses on “Do the sperm whales form a single family or is there a larger group?”

After months of research and surveys the team finally found out that the clans in that area were so far co-related and had some connections in the hierarchy.

This summary might not be very comprehend and understandable to all, apologies for this but if you guys want to understand it better just check out the documentary link below, the documentary is amazing with very breathtaking video shots. It is a must-check out.

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Check out the documentary link here

Giants of the Seas - The Mystery of the Sperm Whales | Free Documentary Nature


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